The Minisode Network premieres on V Cast

Verizon Wireless announced it will team with Sony Pictures Television to offer The Minisode Network, a new V Cast channel featuring four- to six-minute versions of Sony-owned television series including Diff'rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Charlie's Angels, The Jeffersons, Bewitched and Fantasy Island. (And was any actor better suited for the mobile platform than Hervé "Tattoo" Villechaize? I think not.) Originally launched in mid-2007 via social networking site MySpace, The Minisode Network quickly racked up more than 3.25 million online views--each minisode retains the complete story arc of each episode it distills, said Sony Pictures Television VP of mobile entertainment Eric Berger in an interview with FierceMobileContent. "Minisodes aren't just clips or skits--each has a full story arc," Berger said. "It doesn't devalue the original content--it keeps the brands alive and fresh, and introduces these shows to new consumers as well." -Jason