Mobile MTV streams more than 1M clips per month

MTV's senior VP of mobile media, Greg Clayman disclosed a key figure for MTV Mobile: "The MTV video channel in the U.S. is one of the most popular mobile channels around, and well, we haven't announced this yet but I was told I was allowed to talk about it: We stream over a million mobile video clips per month on MTV alone, not MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CMT--just on MTV in the U.S. And that's been growing astronomically."

Classic rock=Old people?

Clayman also said he's seen a shift in the ringtone market: The ringtone business in the U.S. continues to be driven by hip-hop music--of course, that means its youth-driven. "Recently, we discovered a sort of uptake in people who were interested in a wider range in music..." like classic rock music. It seems like "older people are learning from their kids" how to download ringtones, Clayman said. "So we want to give them access to that content and make it easy for them."

DVB-H, FLO easier for old people 

Clayman also indicated that a similar shift could come for mobile TV once linear broadcasting technologies become more pervasive: "As we're getting into larger numbers [with mobile video uptake], we are starting to see older people getting into it... One of the things that's going to drive that is linear technology like DVB-H and MediaFLO, because it makes the service incredibly easy to use."