Mobile shopping in China outpacing other markets; Bluetooth receives enhancements

More wireless news from across the Web:

> Mobile shopping in China "is barreling ahead" of the U.S. CNBC article

> Bluetooth can support higher bandwidth and extended ranges. EE Times article

> Six Flags debuted North America's first virtual "reality coaster." article

Mobile Developer News

> Epic Games CEO said Microsoft is "subverting the rights of developers." Article

> Localytics, Sinch and Sourcebits hint at Instagram's secret to creating a 'sticky' app. Article

Telecom News

> Google Fiber is battling AT&T and Comcast for utility pole access in Silicon Valley. Article

Cable News

> NBC threatened to black out Dish on Sunday if no renewal deal is made. Article

And finally… London is one of the worst cities in the world for mobile coverage. Article