Motorola to break out results of set-top box, networks units

Motorola said that, beginning with its financial report for the first quarter, it will start detailing the separate results of its four business units--another indication the firm is charging full steam ahead toward dividing into two publicly traded companies.

The company said it will break out results for its handset unit, its home unit (which makes set-top boxes), its enterprise mobility unit and its networks unit. Results of Motorola's networks and home units previously had been reported together. The new reporting will give clearer visibility into the financial performance of Motorola's set-top box division, which is to be combined with the firm's handset unit as a new company. Motorola plans to split in the first quarter of 2011.

Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha, who will run the new handset and set-top box company, has indicated he may move the units to California--a major shift for a company that has been based in the Chicago metropolitan area for decades.

Motorola reports its earnings April 29.

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