New regional players are MVNO-like

Just when I said the regional player is a dying bread, we see some new regional players popping up in the market, albeit trying to stay away from competing head-on with the Tier One operators. Revol, which purchased spectrum from Northcoast PCS last July, is targeting the youth of Ohio with $47 plans for unlimited local and long-distance calling, voicemail, SMS and picture mail. Another operator, Nex-Tech Wireless, which launched in mid-October and is owned by a group of ILECs, is targeting the rural market of Kansas. Both seem to be taking their marketing cues from MVNOs, despite the fact they own spectrum. Their approach is very MVNO-like because they have a targeted strategy and are trying to tap into under-served niches.

For more information about Revol and Nex-Tech:
- read this press release from Revol
- and check out Nex-Tech's Web site