NextWave reveals big proprietary WiMAX push

NextWave Wireless has filed Form 10 with the SEC in an effort to list itself on the NASDAQ, and it has some interesting plans for WiMAX, or at least a proprietary version of WiMAX. FierceWireless first reported last month that NextWave was going to roll out WiMAX, but it appears the company wants to do more than just launch a network. It's incorporating a Qualcomm-like strategy to push adoption of its own version of WiMAX, called WiMAXplus.

It's been spending the last year putting all of the pieces together. NextWave consists of numerous organizations that include chip maker Cygnus, PacketVideo, which it acquired last summer for $46.6 million, Advanced Technology Group and Network Solutions Group. The goal is to not only roll out WiMAXplus in the spectrum the company still owns in the 2.3 and 2.5 GHz bands, but sell chipsets and possibly offer an infrastructure solution. It's been garnering the engineering know-how from the master of this strategy, Qualcomm.

When it comes to WiMAXplus, the technology supposedly fixes some of the problems with WiMAX, namely scalability, QoS and dependence on a single frequency band, says Signals Research Group in its Signals Ahead research newsletter. The firm also interprets NextWave's filing to say that WiMAXplus is compliant with the IEEE 802.16e standard, but not necessarily WiMAX itself. NextWave plans to launch a trial in Henderson, NV, to promote the technology.

To read more about NextWave's IPO:
- take a look at this filing with the SEC
- check out Signals Research's Web site (sub. req.)

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