Nielsen: Tablet shoppers don't care much about 3G/4G

New figures from research firm Nielsen show that shoppers are much more concerned with factors like touchscreens and tablet brands than the presence of 3G connectivity. According to the results of a survey by the firm, around 42 percent of shoppers consider 3G or 4G capabilities "important" in a tablet purchase. Around 48 percent of respondents didn't have an opinion on the question, and 15 percent said 3G/4G connections were not important.

Notably, the presence of 3G or 4G connectivity ranked behind a lengthy list of other tablet features that shoppers were more concerned with, including the device's screen resolution, the tablet's manufacturer, and the screen size of the gadget. The presence of a touchscreen ranked highest in importance among tablet shoppers, with fully 72 percent listing touchscreens as "important" to their purchasing decision. Click here for details from Nielsen.