Nokia, Bosch team up on industrial IoT

Initial work will focus on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring use cases.

Nokia and Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions announced a strategic partnership around comprehensive industrial IoT solutions, from sensors to applications. They’re targeting both enterprises and service providers and expect commercially available solutions as a result of their partnership in early 2018.

Initial work will focus on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring use cases. Customer trials already are underway in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Nokia earlier this year introduced its worldwide IoT network grid, dubbed WING, as a service to give traditional service provider customers and enterprises a one-stop-shop for all their IoT needs, across geographies. The effort combines connectivity from cellular networks, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), satellite and fixed communications like Wi-Fi, and puts that all together into its IMPACT platform.  

Nokia IMPACT subscription management for eSIM automatically configures connectivity to a communication service provider’s network as the assets cross geographic borders.

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As part of the collaboration with Bosch, Nokia said it will provide its IoT connectivity, IMPACT/Netguard secure IoT Cloud platform and WING for IoT connectivity services.

Bosch will provide smart connected sensor devices, which enable industrial customers to improve their overall equipment efficiency and safety. The intelligent devices measure and transmit relevant environmental data based on Bosch MEMS sensors embedded in an energy-efficient architecture.

The companies said their partnership will enable easier and more rapid development of solutions designed for large logistics providers, operators and industrial players.

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"Bosch is the world's leading smart sensor manufacturer, and we are delighted to have reached a strategic agreement with them,” said Laurent Le Gourierrec, head of strategic partnerships at Nokia, in a statement. “This combination of devices, connectivity and services from two worldwide leaders will allow for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications."

“We strongly believe that collaboration and interoperability are key enablers to scale IoT solutions. This cooperation is a major milestone on the way," said Markus Long, CEO at Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions.

GE estimated the industrial internet could be a $225 billion market by 2020.