Nokia to investigate faked Lumia 920 promotional marketing materials

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is conducting an internal ethics review into how and why misleading marketing materials for its new Lumia 920 smartphone were released to the public. Last week The Verge was the first to notice that the original video Nokia was promoting to highlight the phone's "PureView" camera technology as well as still photographs were not taken using the Lumia 920. Nokia apologized and posted a disclaimer on the original video as well as a new video showing the camera's optical image stabilization technology. The gaffes were a stumble for Nokia, which is looking to recapture market share in smartphones, particularly in the U.S. market. "What we understand to date is that it was nobody's intention to mislead, but there was poor judgment in the decision not to use a disclaimer," Nokia spokeswoman Susan Sheehan told Bloomberg, declining to name the company that produced the video. Nokia is dealing with the situation "quickly, fairly and privately," she said. Article

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