Ofcom to auction AWS/WiMAX spectrum

Ofcom announced that it would auction off three licensing bands of radio spectrum for mobile broadband and advanced wireless services like mobile TV. The licenses include spectrum bands: 2500-2690 MHz, 2010-2025 MHz and 2290-2300 MHz. Ofcom noted, "We expect fierce bidding and high prices, and we're not going to impose requirements on the bidders." WiMAX looks to be the sector Ofcom is courting with the move, but the official list of potential uses is as follows:

  • mobile broadband wireless services, offering high-speed, high-capacity mobile data connections using technologies such as WiMAX;
  • mobile multimedia services, such as mobile television;
  • advanced mobile services using technologies such as UMTS and its evolutions; and
  • mobile broadcast, such as wireless cameras for outside broadcasts and temporary or portable video links.

While some of the spectrum going to the auction block was originally set aside for 3G services, analysts wonder whether the 3G sector would have enough money to participate.

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