OMTP announces requirements for IMS

The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) community, an operator-sponsored forum focused on the development of mobile devices, issued a document detailing what it believes is needed to make IP Mobile Subsystem (IMS) work better in a handset environment. The chief criticism of IMS is that the standard was driven primarily by network vendors that assumed the handset would have user interfaces determined by the market. What ensued, however was companies trying to develop their own software and user-interface framework.

The OMTP said IMS fails to address some key areas and "falls short of the full end-to-end experience that is required." The group said there are at least four fundamental elements that need to happen in IMS:

-The applications that will built on IMS must be able to consistently access any necessary services;
-The way in which applications respond upon receiving incoming IMS events must be defined;
-The end-user must have a consistent and coherent experience;
-Specifications must be consolidated and tiered for widespread uptake.

"In its current form the IMS proposition fails to sufficiently address these four key areas and falls short of the full end-to-end experience that is required. OMTP's requirements detail the steps needed to address these fundamental issues," the OMTP said.

To read more about the OMTP proposals:
- check out this release