Palm OS RIP, PalmSource targets phones

PalmSource has ended all non-Linux development of the Palm OS, effectively killing its Cobalt and Garnet products. CEO Patrick McVeigh said the company intends to move away from the PDA market and focus instead on smartphones and feature phones. PalmSource considered a Linux version of the Palm OS as far back as 2001 but decided instead to focus on the development of Cobalt, it's 32-bit operating system. Unfortunately Cobalt was not well received by device manufacturers, and PalmSource was unable to persuade sister company PalmOne to deploy any Cobalt devices. PalmSource recently announced quarterly losses of roughly $700,000 along with plans to cut 16 percent of its US workforce.

For more on PalmSource's road map:
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PLUS: LG Electronics has licensed Palm OS for use in upcoming smarphones. Details were not disclosed, but PalmSource's Linux-based smartphone OS is scheduled for release next summer. Blog