In photos: The best and worst smartphones of MWC 2014

BARCELONA, Spain--There was a surprising number of new phones announced at this year's Mobile World Congress trade show here, including the flagship Galaxy S5 from the world's largest handset maker and the Nokia (NYSE:NOK) X Android phone from a company about to be acquired by Windows Phone vendor Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Further, a handful of upstart operating system vendors--including Tizen, Firefox and Ubuntu--used MWC to attempt to generate some momentum against market leaders Android and iOS. Not surprisingly, response to the products ranged from impressed to highly skeptical. Phone news at this year's MWC also was notable because there was so much of it, it was so diverse, and it was so much different than the previous handful of years, when handset makers opted to forgo major smartphone announcements at MWC in favor of using their own media events to announce their new gadgets. Moreover, previous MWC shows have been dominated by other devices such as tablets. FierceWireless has a rundown of all the major phone announcements from MWC 2014. Slideshow