Qualcomm buys AMD handheld assets for $65M

Qualcomm acquired some handheld graphics and multimedia technology assets from Advanced Micro Devices for about $65 million.

As part of the deal, which has received all of the necessary regulatory approval, Qualcomm has extended employment offers to some design and development teams from AMD's handheld business.

Qualcomm will use the technology in its system-on-chip devices. The chipmaker has pushed more into handheld devices recently, and its Snapdragon chipset is supposed to be available later in 2009 on handheld devices as well as mobile handsets.

Qualcomm demonstrated Google's Android platform on Snapdragon earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and said the demonstration was intended to show Android can run on mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and larger WVGA displays, such as net tablets, for which Snapdragon is optimized. Qualcomm has said some of the companies with which it currently is to develop Snapdragon devices include handset makers HTC, LG and Samsung.

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