Qualcomm's collaboration with Google could pave the way for a high-end Tango phone

Qualcomm said its Snapdragon 820 processor is now compatible with Tango, Google's virtual reality initiative. Future Snapdragon 800 and 600 processors will also support Tango, the company announced, enabling manufacturers to make their devices Tango-compatible by using them in their hardware without having to add extra co-processors.

Google and Qualcomm have collaborated for the last 18 months to make their products interoperable, Ars Technica reported. Virtual reality remains a novelty for most consumers, but the massive worldwide penetration of smartphones has laid the foundation for rapid growth of VR among both consumers and business users, as Jefferson Wang of IBB Consulting recently explained. By making its high-end processor Tango-enabled, Qualcomm may be paving the way for manufacturers to bring high-end phones to market that support cutting-edge virtual reality. Article