Qualcomm wins partial stay on ITC ban

Qualcomm announced today that a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted a stay that will allow third parties to import handsets into the U.S., an action previously banned by the ITC because of a patent infringement case involving Broadcom. The court did not, however, grant a stay related to Qualcomm's own imports, and Qualcomm noted in a statement that it "does not itself import the chips found to infringe Broadcom's patents."

"We are pleased that the Court of Appeals recognized the undeserved harm to parties who were not named in the lawsuit, and that our customers will continue to be able to introduce new products into the U.S. marketplace during the appeals process," stated Alex H. Rogers, senior vice president and legal counsel, Qualcomm.

Since Qualcomm did not win a stay for importation of chips that have been found to infringe a Broadcom patent as well as a stay on "redesigned chips and products," Broadcom issued a press release entitled: "U.S. Appeals Court denies Qualcomm Request to Stay ITC Order," even though both companies have announced that third parties can now import handsets that make use of Qualcomm's technology.

For more on the stay on the ITC ban:
- read this press release from Qualcomm
- read this press release from Broadcom

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