RELEASE: Orb Networks takes YouTube, other sites, mobile with Orb MyCasting

ORB NETWORKS CRACKS THE CODE; TAKES YOUTUBE & OTHER INTERNET VIDEOS MOBILE FOR FIRST TIME Free Web-Based “MyCasting” Service Gives Online Video Craze a Life Beyond the PC EMERYVILLE, Calif. – Nov. 15, 2006 – Orb Networks today announced that its free MyCasting™ service ( is the first to take Internet videos mobile by making it possible to add, manage and stream them using any mobile device with a browser and media player. People can now enjoy their favorite videos from YouTube™, Google™, Guba™ and DailyMotion™ while on the move. Because Internet videos aren’t formatted to play on cell phone screens, it’s been virtually impossible for cell phone users to watch online videos. Orb MyCasting changes that. Orb MyCasting makes it possible for people to organize, enjoy and share their videos, music, photos, TV, documents and other digital media when (time) and where (place) they want it, using the devices – be it a mobile phone, PDA or laptop – that they already own. “Orb cracked the code that was keeping online video from going mobile -- the long awaited convergence of Internet video and mobile phones has arrived,” said Joe Costello, chairman and co-founder of Orb Networks. “When millions of people are visiting Internet video sites daily, it’s obvious this is a wildly popular form of entertainment and communication that’s here to stay. We’re extending the experience beyond the PC to mobile devices so that every cell phone user who connects to the Internet and has a media player can enjoy their favorite Internet videos wherever and whenever they want.” Orb MyCasting service is free and without consumer limitations, such as those being considered by some mobile carriers contemplating online video offerings. “With Orb, it’s simple: If you want to watch an Internet video on your cell phone, then watch it.” said Costello. “There are no limits to which videos or how many videos you can watch. It’s ridiculous for companies to try and control how people watch Internet videos on their phone. Why should you have to pay for that content on mobile when you get it for free on your home PC?” How Orb MyCasting Works A simple download of the Orb software to an always-on Windows PC is all it takes to start MyCasting. Instantly, the Orb applications allows users to stream the YouTube RSS feed from their home computer to any Web-enable mobile device with a browser. Orb automatically transcodes the video stream into the appropriate media format, bitrate, and screen resolution for the user’s mobile phone. No specialized mobile software or separate carrier contract is required to enjoy Internet Video on mobile. For those who want to enjoy their Internet videos on a mobile device, Orb has developed the “OrbThis” browser plug-in that allows users to add the URL for their favorite Internet video clips to their MyCast library directly from their browser. When users find content, they simply press the “OrbThis” button and the video clip is immediately available through their Orb account. It’s even possible to build a playlist of favorite Internet video links and share it with others for viewing through any Web connection. “With today’s online video popularity, it’s now possible to watch any video on a mobile phone that you can enjoy on a PC, instantly” said Costello. “Orb MyCasting continues to lead the way in bringing the full richness of online content to the mobile Web.” The Orb MyCasting service and the Internet Video Mobile “OrbThis” plug-in are available for free download at About Orb Networks, Inc. Orb Networks is an award-winning developer of software and services that unlock the digital media stored on personal computers. Orb MyCasting gives consumers secure, free, instant, and everywhere-access to everything from their photos and video to TV and music on virtually any Web-enabled device. The company’s partners include: AMD, Vodafone, Hauppauge, Nokia, AOL Winamp and Creative Labs. Orb Networks is a privately held company in Emeryville, Calif. For more information about Orb Networks and the Orb MyCasting service, please visit Orb and MyCast are trademarks of Orb Networks, Inc. All other trademarks and/or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Orb Networks is not affiliated in any way with YouTube, Inc.