Report: Mobile marketing to hit $24B in rev

According to a recent report from ABI Research, mobile marketing is on track to hit $24 billion in revenue worldwide by 2013. That figure is nearly twelve times the sector's current revenue pull: $1.8 billion in 2007. A recent survey by ABI found that while 54 percent of mobile users were totally opposed to marketing messages, 70 percent of those respondents, however, said an incentive like a ringtone would make them more receptive.

"The clear difference in this market over the past twelve months has been the embrace of mobile marketing as an integral part of cross-media brand campaigns," says ABI Research director Michael Wolf. "Mobile is no longer off-limits in the minds of advertisers, but is instead seen as a very personal way to reach consumers who can be incentivized through information services and compelling content, as well as through more directly relevant and targeted messaging."

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