Report: T-Mobile's high share of digital, social media mentions helps boost subs

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) leads the Tier 1 wireless carriers in what is known as digital "share of voice," according to, a research firm that tracks and analyzes TV advertising. Share of voice is an ad revenue model that focuses on weight or percentage among other advertisers in a given market. T-Mobile has around 60 percent of the "digital SOV," according to, meaning it has a disproportionate share of mentions and influence in digital and social media. That lets T-Mobile attract and capture younger customers. 

"Digital SOV is generally a good measure of success, but for T-Mobile, digital leadership is particularly important. CEO John Legere has made it his mission to break the rules and disrupt the industry; a strategy that largely appeals to a younger demographic," noted in a blog post. "This is apparent when you note that T-Mobile, more than any other wireless company, had a clear correlation between tweet sentiment and net additions. This means that T-Mobile's customers are actively voicing their opinions online and listening to the opinions of others. By capturing this young and vocal demographic now, they can lock them in for life." 

"T-Mobile has capitalized on this knowledge by tailoring its marketing to appeal to millennials," added. "It frequently features up and coming musical artists in its ads, creates youth oriented Un-carrier offerings (cost-conscious plans and deals on data and music streaming) and carefully chooses millennial friendly celebrities: Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Kim Kardashian and the latest, Joel McHale, all to measurable results. T-Mobile's digital domination is no coincidence; it's a carefully constructed strategy that, so far, is succeeding." 

T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert alluded to the company's strong use of social media to advertise its brand during the carrier's second-quarter earnings conference call. He said that "the fact that we're using our community and the fact that we've created a consumer revolution and put our brand on the side of the customer, we're getting an amplification out of our dollars that our competitors, just simply can't match." Post

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