Rumor Mill: Apple, Wal-Mart to become MVNOs

Last week's announcement that Disney will launch an MVNO on Sprint's network has sent the market into MVNO rumor mill overdrive. The two newest MVNO rumors center around Apple Computer and Wal-Mart. Some insiders think Apple is a perfect brand for a wireless MVNO. According to the Apple MVNO gossip, the company could leverage its partnership with Motorola to create more iTunes phones and bundle a mobile version of iTunes with its handsets and wireless data plans. The Apple MVNO could target existing Apple customers, as well as the youth market and early adopters.

Wal-Mart, analysts claim, is another MVNO waiting to happen. The company could harness its industry-leading retail distribution to sell low-cost handsets and wireless plans. A Wal-Mart's MVNO would likely target low-income consumers and the credit-challenged with prepaid service.

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