Rumor Mill: Did Skype almost sell for $3B?

According to tech columnist Robert Cringely, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. almost bought VoIP software and service provider Skype for $3 billion. Skype has supposedly been on the auction block before, with previous rumors claiming that the company's investors want to sell the company for at least $1 billion. Analysts and insiders, however, question how much Skype is really worth. While the company has millions of registered users, its paid services, like SkypeOut, do not seem to be drawing enough business to substantiate a multibillion-dollar price tag. Skype's evangelists claim the company is the next Google, a late entrant that has proven how to make VoIP work for the mass market. Others suggest that Skype might turn out to be the next Netscape -- a pioneer who eventually gives way to other, better established competitors.

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