Rumor Mill: Google looking for mobile experts

According to a report on Unstrung, Google's rumored mobile phone could see a launch in the foreseeable future, since the company is on the prowl for workers to help it with "a new hardware product introduction." Unstrung's unnamed sources say the company is eager to bring in experts from the mobile sector, and this job post could be for a Google phone project leader. Former Danger executive and Sidekick creator, Andy Rubin, is already onboard at Google, which has certainly fueled Google Phone rumors.

Rumors have circulated about a Google phone for some time, but gathered sway in the days leading up to the iPhone launch in January. Recently, a European Google executive said that the company was working on a low cost handset in its research labs. Google CEO Eric Schmidt also recently made the controversial statement that mobile phones should be free to consumers. Google's commitment to all things mobile was challenged last week as founders of the recently acquired mobile social networking company, Dodgeball, left Google because they claimed their new parent company let their application languish for months while rival startups stole their user base.

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