Rumor mill: HTC's Sirius, Erato, Wings

Engadget Mobile has the scoop on some rumored HTC handsets with spec sheets and pictures: HTC's P6500 Sirius, S420 Erato and the S730 Wings.

  • Sirius boasts quad band, EDGE/WiFi, Windows Mobile 6, 400MHz Samsung processor with a 3.5 inch QVGA display. Supposedly launching in August.
  • Erato might be the successor to the Star Trek. Erato weighs 99 grams and has a 2.4 inch screen flip phone, Windows Mobile 6, UMTS/HSDPA, FM radio, GPS and a 2 megapixel camera. Supposedly launching in April.
  • Wings boasts a stylus-less touchscreen as well as the rest of Sirius' features set. Wings, however, has WiFi functionality, unlike Sirius. Supposedly launches in July.

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