Rumor Mill: T-Mobile to launch unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling plan

T-Mobile USA will launch a plan offering customers the option of unlimited calling to any mobile number at any time starting in April, according to the blog TMoNews. The plan, which could be part of T-Mobile's strategy to reinvigorate its brand, would follow in the footsteps of similar offerings from Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S) and AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T).

According to the blog, which cited an internal T-Mobile document, the new Unlimited Any Mobile service will start April 4 and will come as a $10 add-on to a subscriber's plan (Family Allowance customers will not be eligible for the plan, according to the document). No contract extension will be required, existing rate plans will not change, and the service can be added or removed at any time, according to the blog.

A T-Mobile spokeswoman declined to comment.

If the plan is launched, it will be another step by T-Mobile to reinvigorate its fortunes after AT&T's failed acquisition of the company. T-Mobile recently launched a promotion to get family plan customers to sign up for data packages, and has said it will launch LTE service next year. The unlimited mobile-to-mobile plan, by virtue of its $10 add-on fee, could also be a way to boost average revenue per user.

Of course, T-Mobile wouldn't be the only carrier with such a plan. In February 2011, AT&T launched its "Mobile to Any Mobile" plan for new and existing AT&T customers with a qualifying voice plan who also sign up for unlimited messaging plans. Sprint has been offering its own unlimited mobile calling plan, called "Any Mobile, Anytime," since September 2009. The feature is paired with Sprint's Everything Data plan, which starts at $69.99 per month (and $79.99 for smartphone customers), excluding taxes and surcharges.

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