Rumor roundup: Is the next iPhone coming in September?

It wouldn't be the buildup to the next launch of an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone without a few more twists of the rumor mill. In one bit of unconfirmed news, the blog iMore, citing unnamed "sources who have proven accurate in the past," reported that Apple will unveil two devices at an event on Sept. 12 and that the next iPhone will go on sale Sept. 21. Although it is widely expected that Apple will announce the next iPhone this fall, no firm date has been settled on, even by rumor watchers. A Sept. 21 launch date would push some new iPhone sales into the third quarter, allowing Apple to spread out demand for the device over two quarters instead of concentrating it all in the fourth quarter. An even juicer rumor comes from Japanese site iLab, which purportedly has posted pictures of the next generation iPhone, with a larger, taller screen and new dock connector--both widely believed to be new hardware features. Article