The smartphones of CES 2014

huawei ascend mate 2LAS VEGAS--The Consumer Electronics Show here is ground zero for new, cutting-edge electronics gadgets. However, this year news about new smartphones was surprisingly light. Although some major players did make news--Huawei and Sony to name two--most smartphone makers trotted out already announced products to show off in their CES booths or during their CES meetings.

Instead, this year's CES was dominated by devices and services that largely serve as accessories to smartphones. Headphones and smartphone cases were huge, as they have been in years past, and new categories like smart watches and fitness trackers generated a significant amount of noise.

Nonetheless, the wireless industry continues to make its bread and butter on smartphones, so it's worth taking a look at some of the smartphones (all powered by Android) announced during this year's CES--both the major and minor gadgets. Click here for the slideshow.

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