SNAPin powers T-Mobile's self-service solution

SNAPin quietly announced its first major deal in the U.S. today. For the last few months SNAPin has provided T-Mobile USA with its SelfService solution, which allows the carrier to efficiently solve its subscribers' customer service issues from a T-Mobile portal right on the handset. When a T-Mobile subscriber calls 611 while using a SNAPin-enabled handset, SNAPin's software will capture the call and bring the caller to a menu screen with frequently asked questions, troubleshooting and other tips and tricks. The portal allows T-Mobile subscribers to automatically configure handsets, deliver step-by-step instructions, make account inquiries and pay bills.

SNAPin's VP of products and support Tom Trinneer cited data from the Yankee Group and iGR to make his case for the return on investment for the SNAPin solution: "On average, 20 percent to 30 percent of a carrier's subscriber base calls once a month and each call costs the carrier between $8 dollars and $20 dollars." The portal also gives T-Mobile another opportunity to reinforce its brand, an ever difficult chore for carriers as handset makers are aggressively pushing their own brand recognition.

While the T-Mobile USA announcement is the first big announcement for SNAPin in the U.S., the company is in talks with operators worldwide: About two-thirds are located in Europe and about one-third of its customers are based in North America. -Brian