SoftBank's Arora promises progress at Sprint: 'I'm here for at least the next 10 years'

Nikesh Arora, the former Google executive who is now president of SoftBank, said that he's not worried about the continued concerns over the future Sprint, of which SoftBank is the majority owner. "I'm very relaxed," Arora told Bloomberg. "I'm here for at least the next 10 years." 

In an extensive profile on Arora, Bloomberg reports that Arora as a child left India with only $200 in cash. Today, he is working to transform SoftBank into an innovative investment company that isn't afraid to take risks. "As long as I can protect my family, I have no problem taking the risk," Arora explained.

According to Bloomberg, Arora is currently hiring a team of up to 20 executives, from the likes of Google and LinkedIn, to invest about $3 billion into startups each year. He plans to make five to 10 investments a year of $100 million to $1 billion. The goal, according to Arora, is to transform SoftBank from a Japanese telecommunications company with a spotty investment record and into an innovation powerhouse. Article