Sony modifies purchasing strategy to aid Sony Ericsson

Sony is going to increase the number of electronics components it purchases jointly with Sony Ericsson in an effort to help the struggling handset maker reduce expenses, the Nikkei business daily reported without citing its sources. The move represents a new, clear step Sony will take in support of its handset joint venture with Sweden's Ericsson.

The Nikkei report said Sony and Sony Ericsson already purchase capacitors together, and that the list would expand to include around 10 different components. The hope is that the combined weight of the two companies will create leverage to lower suppliers' prices.

Both Sony and Ericsson have repeatedly stated their support for Sony Ericsson during the past few months, comments notable in light of Sony Ericsson's stated need for $135.5 million in new funds by March. However, Sony and Ericsson haven't made clear exactly what form their support will take.

Further, Sony Ericsson remains in transition. Earlier this week, the company said current CEO Dick Komiyama will soon step down and be replaced by Bert Nordberg, the head of Ericsson's Silicon Valley unit.

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