Spectrum Bridge unveils spectrum valuation tool

Spectrum Bridge released a new tool that measures the value of spectrum, allowing users to see market trends and sentiment for bands of licensed spectrum. The move dovetails the company's online spectrum marketplace SpecEx.

The tool, called the SpecEx Index, will allow users to get more accurate readings on the value of spectrum.  Specifically, the index will look at the capitalization of spectrum holders, based on the size and coverage of their spectrum holdings; examine the capitalization of wireless equipment and device makers; weight public values of service providers and infrastructure companies; and evaluate past and recent spectrum prices paid on the secondary market and at FCC auctions.

The index--a concept similar to the Dow Jones and Nasdaq indexes--will be updated daily and contains historical values from the past three years. The move is the latest by Spectrum Bridge to increase public availability of spectrum data. In February, the company launched a website to help consumers find any open white space channels at any location in the United States.   

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