SPOTLIGHT: Visto: Patent lawsuits a small part of business

Visto CEO Brian Bogosian says his company would rather be known for its products than lawsuits. The company just won a patent lawsuit with Seven and has a pending lawsuit with RIM, which has counter sued. The mobile email company also has several lawsuits against other mobile email companies, including Good Technology and Microsoft, which are ongoing. Yet he says that lawsuits are a small part of Visto's business. The company isn't a patent troll; it has working products in place with carriers and recently won a contract with Vodafone to supply the operator with it own branded email products. But I'd say there's a lot of work that needs to be done on the PR front to dispel the public perception that Visto is primarily trying to cash in on patents. By the way, Bosogian says his company wouldn't rule out trying to shut down RIM if the matter gets ugly. Article