Sprint announces Cyber Monday deals; UK bans iPhone 3G ad

> Sprint Nextel, hoping to lure customers during the holiday shopping season, launched a "Cyber Monday" discount blitz, offering six different phones for free with two-year contracts. Release

> The UK Advertising Standard Authority banned an Apple ad for the second time because it says it misleads customers about the iPhone 3G's connection speed. Article

> Verizon Wireless dropped the price of its new touchscreen phone, the Samsung Omnia, down to $199  from its previously announced price of $249. Article

> Airspan and the U.K. operator Freedom4 demonstrated a seamless handoff between two different WiMAX networks that were operating on different spectrum bands. Article

> The joint venture between wireless operators T-Mobile UK and 3 UK awarded Ericsson a four-year managed service contract. Article

> According to a study conducted by Nokia, more people get lost in London than in any other city on Earth, but more than a quarter of those surveyed relied on mobile technology to navigate their way around when lost in London and other cities. Article

And finally... A contest sponsored by a radio station in Wisconsin has ended after nearly eight weeks, when the station gave two contestants who had been living in a truck for 55 days, hoping to outlast the other and win a $30,00 vehicle, an option of splitting prize money. Article