Sprint launches pay-per-view movies

Sprint Nextel says it has launched the first pay-per-view service for mobile phones in the U.S. that streams full-length movies for those times when "watching a movie in a theater or on a home entertainment system isn't possible," according to Alana Muller, director of entertainment and product marketing with Sprint. The company's press release details when customers could use such a service: to take their minds off of a busy day during a lunch break, while waiting for a child's soccer practice to end, to breeze through a two-hour wait at the airport or to keep kids busy in the backseat. Imagine a group of kids trying to watch a movie on a tiny cell-phone screen. Don't most minivans come with a DVD player anyway? Customers pay between $4 and $6 to get unlimited access to the movies within a set period. The company didn't specify if customers pay for airtime charges too. You also have to wonder about battery life.

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