Sprint matches T-Mobile: $150/month gives 4 lines of service unlimited everything

Sprint today issued its latest promotion by reducing the cost of its unlimited data service to $150 per month for four lines. Sprint's move appears to stand as a response to the promotion T-Mobile launched last week offering a fourth line of unlimited service free -- the move brought the total cost of T-Mobile's unlimited service to $150 for four lines.

As Sprint pointed out, AT&T's unlimited data service -- only available to DirecTV customers -- costs $180 per month for four lines.

Beginning Friday, Sprint said, families can get four lines of talk, text and unlimited data for $37.50 per line, which the carrier said saves them $360 a year. "With this offer, a family of four can take advantage of the Sprint LTE Plus Network delivering faster download speeds than AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile1 for $150 per month," Sprint said. Release

Separately, Sprint said it also extended its "wildly popular" 50 percent offer for another month, to March 31. The offer promises to cut in half the monthly service charges of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers if they move to Sprint. Release