Sprint mulls WiMAX spin-off again?

Sprint is once again mulling a spin-off of its WiMAX unit, Xohm, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, that may include a merger with Clearwire. According to the report, at an upcoming retreat, Sprint board members will discuss plans to find a new CEO now that Gary Forsee has stepped down and also discuss whether to spin-off the WiMAX unit. The WSJ pegs Dan Hesse, the current CEO of Embarq as the front runner to succeed Forsee. Acting CEO Paul Saleh claims that Sprint remains committed to WiMAX, despite the reports.

Sprint inked a tentative deal with Clearwire to pool their resources and build out a nationwide WiMAX network, so a spin-off and merger with Clearwire does not seem completely out of the cards for Xohm.

For more on the rumors:
- read this article from the WSJ

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