Sprint, T-Mobile: white space should be licensed

Sprint and T-Mobile have told the Federal Communications Commission that they support the idea of opening up white space spectrum--that unlicensed spectrum that sits between airwaves currently licensed to TV broadcasters.

While Google, Microsoft and others have been lobbying th FCC to open up white space spectrum for unlicensed super WiFi devices, Sprint and T-Mobile are advocating that white space spectrum be granted on a fixed-license basis for wireless backhaul services.

"Because backhaul comprises a significant cost for wireless carriers, and incumbent local exchange carriers' special-access charges are exorbitant, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile must find more affordable alternatives to the ILECS's special-access offerings," the operators told the FCC. -Lynnette

To read more about Sprint's and T-Mobile's interest in white space:
- take a look at this report from RCR Wireless News

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