Sprint to offer full-length movies for handsets

Sprint and MSpot have launched a service that allows subscribers to watch unlimited full-length movies, television shows, concerts and comedy specials for a flat monthly fee of $6.95, plus the regular data charges. The service allows users to watch the movies in segments, much like a DVD setup. Sprint said their trials showed most people have shorter attention spans for viewing on the handset. Among the initial list of movies are Night of the Living Dead, Short Circuit, Angel and the Badmen and One-Eyed Jacks. The carrier plans to add seven films a week.

Obviously it's not the kind of list that gets many movie buffs or even your garden variety television watcher too excited, but distribution rights for westerns and movies about robots are apparently the easiest to get. The companies said they're shaking hands for more content but wouldn't say which studios they're courting. Full-length movies on a 2.5 inch screen? Hope they made the bullet holes bigger.

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