Sprint to sell Parrot Mini-drones that can be controlled via smartphones and tablets

Rolling Spider

Carriers sell smartphones, tablets, USB modems, mobile hotspots, wirelessly-connected dog collars and more. Now Sprint (NYSE: S) is adding another gadget to the list: remote-controlled drones. The carrier has started selling two Parrot Minidrones--Rolling Spider for $99.99 and Jumping Sumo for $159.99--via online sales. Both minidrones will be available in Sprint stores beginning Aug. 15.

Users can pilot either minidrone with select smartphones or tablets using the Free Flight 3 iOS or Android app. However, don't get your hopes up on functionality: the drones don't fly or shoot missiles. However, they do roll and jump. The Rolling Spider drone mimics users' movements and can be equipped with two ultralight wheels. The gadget also has a 60fps vertical camera that helps stabilize it and take photos that are then recorded onto a 1 GB flash memory drive.

Meanwhile, the other drone, Jumping Sumo, is more of a bulkier rover and can take turns at 90 degrees and make jumps up to 80 cm (31.5 inches) in height and length. The drone has a wide-angle camera that can take pictures and videos, which can be stored on a micro-USB stick or streamed live on the screen of the screen of the smartphone or tablet controlling the drone. Post

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