Survey: Verizon has least dropped calls, customers still switching to AT&T

If only Verizon Wireless had an iPhone. That was the uptake of a survey conducted by ChangeWave that showed Verizon Wireless' customers had the lowest percentage of dropped calls among all major U.S. service providers. On average, just 2.7 percent of all Verizon calls over the past 90 days disappeared as compared to 3.6 percent of AT&T calls.

Good service, though, doesn't seem to be enough. Thirty-one percent of respondents likely to switch providers over the next six months said they'll go to AT&T while 19 percent say they'll choose Verizon. The iPhone, the surveyors surmise, is the big attraction because since it's come on the market AT&T has claimed a lead over Verizon in terms of "future share."

There is hope on the horizon for Verizon. The BlackBerry Storm, already being hyped at Verizon stores, could be the device that effectively takes on the iPhone. In the meantime, Verizon will have to be content that 43 percent of the 2,883 survey respondents said they're "very satisfied" with Verizon's service.

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