T-Mobile: Customers have watched 34 petabytes of video for no additional fee since Binge On launch

T-Mobile's Binge On program is taking flak from critics who oppose it on net neutrality grounds, but the service seems to be gaining fans in a big way. T-Mobile said customers on qualifying data plans are watching more than twice as much video than they were before the service launched almost three months ago. The carrier added that since launching Binge On, T-Mobile customers have streamed 34 petabytes of video for no additional fee.

And the carrier said it has added Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW and WWE Network to the zero-rated service, which now offers content from more than 40 providers.

Importantly, T-Mobile also announced that it has made it easier for customers to manage their Binge On settings by reducing the number of clicks necessary on the web and the app, as well as introducing new short codes. The operator has been criticized for a lack of transparency about its data policies for Binge On, which throttles speeds and downgrades the quality of all video -- not just Binge On content -- when the service is turned on. Press release