T-Mobile’s Smart Fit offers a trial month of unlimited data for $65

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T-Mobile quietly launched an offering for new customers that tracks their data usage habits for 30 days to recommend price plans.

The service, dubbed Smart Fit, is designed for users “who don’t know how much high-speed data they need every month,” according to the carrier’s website. It’s available to users who call the carrier and sign up to pay $65 for an initial month of unlimited talk, text and data, including 14 GB of tethering.

Recommended data plans are sent to each Smart Fit line via text message on day 30.


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Users can either opt to sign on to the recommended plan or can choose T-Mobile’s most popular plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and 6 GB of LTE data for $65 for a single line. Customers who don’t make changes to their plans will receive the 6 GB monthly plan by default.  

Smart Fit clearly aims to appeal to mobile users on competitors’ networks who are considering switching but are uncertain which data plan to choose. And T-Mobile is sweetening the deal by offering a month of unlimited everything for 30 days.

T-Mobile posted 890,000 net postpaid subscriber additions in the second quarter, more than its three major rivals combined, and it enjoyed 476,000 branded prepaid net customer adds, up 167 percent year over year. The launch of Smart Fit demonstrates the nation’s third-largest operator isn’t resting on its laurels as the industry begins to awake from a typically placid second quarter.

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