Is T-Mobile taking a page from Apple?

According to AppleInsider, T-Mobile USA is developing a unified software store that would mimic Apple's App Store but would work with every T-Mobile wireless device.

This strategy is a big departure for T-Mobile, which has always made mobile applications available through its deck. That deck often varies depending on the device and the operating system. According to reports, T-Mobile would offer a store for all its devices that could support simple Java apps and more sophisticated apps intended for operating systems such as Google Android and Windows Mobile.

Although T-Mobile hasn't publicly revealed any details about its plans, it has launched a developer site that lets teams build their programs and has some mention of a future go to market strategy. Of course, today's news that Apple's App Store downloads have exceeded 60 million in the first month is probably an added incentive for carriers such as T-Mobile to go this route.

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