T-Mobile USA releasing first HSPA+ device in March

BARCELONA, Spain--T-Mobile USA announced it will release its first HSPA+ plus device, the webConnect Rocket Laptop Stick, in March. According to T-Mobile, the webConnect Rocket will enable subscribers in the operator's Philadelphia HSPA+ market to surf the Web, download large files or view video content on the go at speeds comparable with their home broadband service. Additional details and specifications will follow timed with the product's official release.

With T-Mobile USA scheduled to announce its fourth quarter financial results next week, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Cole Brodman--speaking at the 2010 Mobile World Congress event here--admitted that 2009 posed significant challenges for the company. "Between the economic situation and intense competitive pressure, it was a difficult year," he said. Brodman added that subscribers are responding favorably to the new unlimited calling plans T-Mobile USA introduced in October, noting that millions of consumers have signed on. He also noted that about two-thirds of the carrier's new consumers are joining via family plans.

Brodman also touted the youthfulness of the T-Mobile USA subscriber base as a whole, which he cited as a major factor behind the carrier's growing data traffic. He said T-Mobile USA subscribers sent 1.36 trillion text messages in 2009--customers transmitted nearly a billion texts on New Year's Eve alone.

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