TellMe/Microsoft offers free mobile 411

Last week Google launched a free, voice-enabled 411 service that aimed to compete with legacy services and the budding mobile local search sector. Now, TellMe, which Microsoft is in the process of acquiring for a reported $800 million, has launched a competing free service. The offering is more or less the same as Google's: A user can either call 1-800-555-TELL to begin the voice-activated search; Text a business name and city and state to TELLM (83556); or call the 800 number from a mobile phone (with the beta application installed) and have the results sent via text.

We tried looking up FierceMarkets last week using Google's voice search--to no avail. TellMe produced similar results. But a local pizza joint came up within seconds on TellMe, but the same business was unrecognized through Google's service.

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