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1. Sprint says mobile hotspot plan always capped but usage wasn't tracked
2. More telcos may stop giving before it hurts
3. Maravedis: PMP may solve the small cells challenge in the near future

1. Inside operator developer programs: Can they help you build a better app
2. Frustrations grow over Ice Cream Sandwich's sluggish rollout
3. Developers need to cross-publish their apps

1. Nokia, Warner Bros. team for Lumia-exclusive 'Dark Knight Rises' app
2. Nokia's exclusive 'Dark Knight' app: a hero or a zero?
3. BlackBerry PlayBook OS update improves Android app compatibility

1. Microsoft's Windows Phone sees slight uptick in U.S. market share
2. Report: Carriers to replace buckets of minutes with unlimited calling
3. Report: Sprint's Virgin Mobile to launch prepaid iPhone

1. M2M gains traction as business model matures
2. Analyst: Free Mobile will struggle after launch success
3. Mobile payments success hinges on customer care

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A group of operators are joining forces with the GSMA to develop an interoperable platform to make edge compute capabilities widely available.

An Ericsson exec said it's not fair to compare LTE with DSS. It's not an apples-to-apples comparison.

Nokia is not commenting on reports it's looking at asset sales or possible merger activity.