Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Huawei makes a stand with $6 billion worth of U.S. supply orders
2. Data throttling: Annoying but effective
3. SuperWiFi launched in Canada, but it's not U.S. Super Wi-Fi

1. Developers flock to HTML5 as over 1B compatible handsets are expected to sell in 2013
2. Wireless companies expected to launch IPOs in 2012 and beyond
3. How Google is holding back in-app revenue growth

1. RIM launches BlackBerry Video Store with PlayBook OS 2.0
2. Sprint creates New Ventures unit to tap Android growth
3. Mozilla Marketplace opens for HTML5 app submissions next week

1. Verizon restores service after LTE network falters again
2. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all claim to offer nation's 'largest 4G network'
3. Sprint announces job cuts as part of reorg

1. Nokia Siemens will focus on profits, not market share, says chairman
2. Wi-Fi offload poised to dominate network news
3. Rumour mill: Telefónica Spain to select Alca-Lu for LTE network