Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Sprint is done with WiMAX gadgets
2. FreedomPop founder cagey about revenue model for 'free' mobile broadband service
3. Johnson: Microwave backhaul will stay strong in 2012 even as operators hint at slower capex

1. Is Android fragmented? Google argues otherwise
2. Samsung merging Bada OS with open-source Tizen
3. AppMobi rewrites jQuery framework for iOS, Android

1. Nielsen: Android, iOS fuel 90% of U.S. smartphone sales in Q4
2. Google unveils Android application design portal
3. Samsung backpedals on bada/Tizen OS merger plans

1. Report: Apple's iPad 3 to support LTE
2. AT&T increases pricing, usage thresholds on smartphone data plans
3. LightSquared blasts U.S. GPS interference tests, says Sprint is in the loop

1. Free Mobile rush overwhelms French number portability systems
2. French mobile operators respond to Free Mobile in price-cutting bonanza
3. Study: Smartphone usage becoming obsessive, can cause anxiety

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U.S. Cellular has awarded Samsung Electronics a commercial agreement to supply LTE and 5G network solutions.

U.S. Cellular might be able to win over some Sprint customers as the transition to the New T-Mobile occurs.

Japan’s Rakuten Mobile is teaming up with mobile operator TPG to test 5G open RAN solutions in Singapore.