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1. Comcast, Time Warner to end wholesale deals with Clearwire in wake of Verizon agreement
2. Broadband stimulus winner spends money on online soap opera
3. LightSquared strikes wholesale LTE deal with Smarter Car

1. Will HTML5 be good enough for gaming?
2. Should I localize my mobile app?
3. Which mobile platforms will developers target in 2012?

1. Facebook shutting down Gowalla in early 2012
2. ComScore: Android dominates as U.S. smartphone ownership hits 90M
3. Verizon not preloading Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus smartphone

1. Verizon's McAdam: Family data plans coming in 2012
2. U.S. Cellular: We'll wait for an LTE iPhone
3. Verizon restores LTE service after second major outage

1. AT&T/T-Mobile's network-sharing 'Plan B' is new ground for U.S. market
2. Dutch authorities raid KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone in mobile cartel probe
3. T-Mobile backs out of delayed Dutch mobile payments JV

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The CEO of Deutsche Telekom is ready to take on AT&T and Verizon in more ways than one now that the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint is approved.

Ahead of Dish Network’s Q4 earnings call, analysts looked toward the operator’s planned 5G network build.

CCA, WISPA and other groups are pressing for a limit on the amount of spectrum any one bidder is eligible to get in the upcoming C-band auction.