Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. China Mobile could deploy commercial TD-LTE faster than expected
2. Analysts: NSN's focus on mobile broadband smart move
3. Report: AT&T prepared to make bigger concessions to secure T-Mobile

1. Forecast: App developer salaries to rise 8.2% in 2012
2. Will developers embrace the Facebook smartphone?
3. appMobi open-sources HTML5 development technologies

1. The best new mobile apps of November 2011
2. Verizon, Nokia: Carrier IQ software is not on our phones
3. GSI Commerce: Mobile sales surge 254% on Black Friday 2011

1. If the AT&T acquisition collapses, what will T-Mobile USA do?
2. Sprint signs off on Dish's proposed wireless venture
3. Verizon and Leap trade spectrum for LTE, EV-DO buildouts

1. Nokia Siemens lets slip which units will be axed
2. Nokia claims Lumia sales excellent; UK sold out
3. Apple or operators--who rules the roost?