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1. Sprint: HTC Evo users consume more data than typical smartphone customer
2. Reliance may choose WiMAX over TD-LTE in India after all
3. What does it take to migrate from WiMAX to LTE?

1. With an eye on application revenues, WAC operators announce business model
2. Google opens up Android development, expands app billing options
3. Chitika: iOS 4 now powers half of all iPhone traffic

1. The reality of augmented reality in mobile
2. Malicious Android wallpaper app downloaded by millions
3. Seybold's Take: iPad business applications still lacking

1. 2010 Top Women in Wireless
2. Verizon exec quiets tiered data pricing rumor
3. What is Sprint's trump card?

1. Analyst: WiMAX on the slide, but LTE has issues
2. Nokia boosted as car giants select MeeGo
3. Nokia and Siemens look to exit JV, while NSN ends Huawei co-op